First Alleged Part Leaks Surface for Apple’s ‘Budget’ iPhone | MacTrast

While supposed leaked parts have already surfaced for Apple’s next-gen iPhone 5S, and even the claimed “redesigned” 5th-gen iPad, Apple’s budget iPhone has so far not seen any hardware leaks to back up claims that it is on the way – until now, that is.

Japanese parts vendor iLab Factory (via Macotakara / iDownloadBlog) shares a set of photos of claimed parts of Apple’s supposed “budget” version of the iPhone, including a flex cable for the home button, and a flex cable for the volume controls and vibration motor. The report also points out that the parts could possible be for the iPhone 5S, although it’s equally likely that they are meant for the cheaper iPhone model.

The mute switch on the ribbon cable is especially interesting – it functions as a button rather than a switch, suggesting Apple may have redesigned their mute control (although personally, I don’t think a button that can be accidentally triggered in your pocket is a wise choice for a mute control). The vibration motor is also worth noting – the fact that it uses a dual-head design rather than a rotational design suggests it may be a less expensive part intended to reduce build costs for a cheaper model of the iPhone. The remaining two parts are very similar to those found in the iPhone 5, albeit with longer ribbon cables.

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First Alleged Part Leaks Surface for Apple’s ‘Budget’ iPhone | MacTrast

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