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Microsoft-owned Skype today issued an update to its free-of-charge iPhone application in the App Store, adding a few enhancements related to chatting on both your handset and the Apple Watch.

Web link previews are now available in your chat, courtesy of Skype 5.13 for iPhone. When you paste a URL into the chat window, the mobile application will now provide a preview of the website similar to Facebook.

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Looks Like the iPhone 6 Charger is Getting a Redesign | Cult of Mac


For years now, the tiny 5-watt charger that has shipped with the iPhone has gone more or less unchanged. But according to a new report out of China, this fall, Apple will ship a new, squatter charger with the release of the iPhone 6.

Like an iPhone charger on junk food, leaked pics show that the new charger will no longer be a perfectly round square, but instead longer than it is tall, with indentations on each side to make it easier to push or pull out of a wall. Continue reading “Looks Like the iPhone 6 Charger is Getting a Redesign | Cult of Mac”

The Secrets of Emoji on iOS Revealed | OverBidMe

Emoji are very lovable icons and talking global language in our chat text. Using Emoji you can make your messages more colorful and funny. Before iOs 5 you should download third-party apps for that. It’s not more the case . We already have built-in keyboard , but unfortunately it’s not showing by default.
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Samsung Goes First, Google Experiments And Apple Refines | TechCrunch

There’s a new rhythm to product releases among the biggest players in mobile tech, and increasingly, Samsung is building a reputation as the most brash and quick-to-act of what I would call the ruling triumvirate, which also includes Google and Apple. Google plays the reasoned experimenter, Apple hangs back and refines the best ideas to come out of the market, but Samsung increasingly seems willing to absorb the costs of diving headlong into new territory, just to prove it can.

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Sharp Is Bringing A Multitouch 4K Retina Display To The Mac | Cult of Mac

large-5252b757ac603Admit it. There’s two major things you still want from OS X: multitouch support, and 4K support. 4K support would make the Retina iMac finally possible, and as for multitouch, this is where the laptop and desktop market is heading despite Steve Jobs’s protestations about “gorilla arm.”

It’s taking Apple its sweet time to deliver the above, but you don’t have to wait. Sharp has just announced OS X compatibility for their 32-inch 4K touchscreen monitor.

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6 Features The iWatch Will Have | Cult of Mac


We learned this week that Google, Samsung and LG are all planning smartwatches.

Sony, Pebble, Cookoo, I’m Smart, MetaWatch and Martian already have pretty sophisticated smartwatches available, all of which interoperate with the iPhone.

You can be sure that 100 Chinese companies will make inexpensive smartwatches that support either the iPhone or Android or both.

And, of course, Apple is rumored to be working on a curved-glass “iWatch.”

Here’s why I believe Apple’s smartwatch will dominate the market:

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