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Microsoft-owned Skype today issued an update to its free-of-charge iPhone application in the App Store, adding a few enhancements related to chatting on both your handset and the Apple Watch.

Web link previews are now available in your chat, courtesy of Skype 5.13 for iPhone. When you paste a URL into the chat window, the mobile application will now provide a preview of the website similar to Facebook.

Previews are available when you send or receive a web link and support video content, blogs, news websites and many other types of web content. Continue reading “Skype Updated for Apple Watch | iDownloadBlog”


iOS 8.0.2 Update Released with Bug Fixes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | OSX Daily

 iOS 8.0.2 OTA Download

Apple has released iOS 8.0.2 for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users running iOS 8. The update includes multiple bug fixes, including resolutions to problems introduced by the failed iOS 8.0.1 launch. Full release notes for iOS 8.0.2 are included below.

 Updating to iOS 8.0.2 with Over-the-Air Download

The simplest way for users to update to iOS 8.0.2 is through the Over-the-Air update service offered directly on an eligible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The download is about 72MB and installs quickly.

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How To: Install Custom Keyboards in iOS 8 | MacTrast

With the debut of iOS 8, Apple’s mobile operating system now allows the installation of third-party keyboards such as offerings from Swype, SwiftKey, and Minuum.  Here’s how to install the keyboards as they become available.

Adding Custom Keyboards in iOS 8

Once you download a keyboard from the App Store, you’ll need to go through a few steps to get it up and running on your device. (You’ll find a list of available keyboards at the end of this article.)

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Is This the First Video Review of the iPhone 6? | 9to5mac

Is this the first video review of the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 leaks are coming fast and furious ahead of Tuesday’s event. This latest video is a supposed review of the iPhone 6 in Mandarin. We won’t know how legit it is for another 48 hours but it is certainly convincing.

A brief translation from Stan1028 below: Continue reading “Is This the First Video Review of the iPhone 6? | 9to5mac”

Apple Has Discussed Charging ‘Around $400’ for its Wearable ‘iWatch’ | AppleInsider

“iWatch” concept by Martin Hajek

Apple’s anticipated “iWatch” may carry a price of around $400 when it goes on sale, though the wearable device is likely to be offered at a range of price points, according to a new report.

The new details on Apple’s first wearable device were reported on Saturday by Re/code, which said sources at the company indicated executives “have discussed charging around $400” for the so-called “iWatch.” But the report cautioned that pricing has yet to be finalized, and may not even be known by the company’s Sept. 9 event, when it’s expected to formally unveil the rumored product.

The same publication reported on Friday that Apple’s “iWatch” is not expected to launch immediately after it is finally disclosed. Sources have reportedly indicated that the wearable smart device will not end up on consumers’ wrists until early 2015. Continue reading “Apple Has Discussed Charging ‘Around $400’ for its Wearable ‘iWatch’ | AppleInsider”

Apple Fires An Engineer For Leaking These iPhone 6 Pictures | Wonderfulengineering

By The Engineer – August, 22nd 2014 Apple is all set for the launch of its new iPhone 6 scheduled for 9th September with two variants; one coming with a screen size of 4.7” and the other with a screen size of 5.5”. Some new images have surfaced showing how the iPhone 6 will look like. According to some sources, Apple has fired the engineer who is believed to have leaked the pictures.  The name and identity of the engineer remains confidential due legal issues. Continue reading “Apple Fires An Engineer For Leaking These iPhone 6 Pictures | Wonderfulengineering”

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