Apple Stock Has Outperformed Samsung For A Decade | AllThingsD

applesamsung_10yearsSomething to consider amid all the hand-wringing over the recent downdraft in Apple’s share price, and concerns that the company has finally been outflanked by Samsung. The South Korean company’s ascendency is very recent and, when measured by stock price, not nearly as pronounced as one might think.

Samsung’s stock trades on the South Korean stock exchange, so it’s not often mentioned in the typical Apple vs. Samsung smartphone smackdown story. But it’s worth mentioning, because the big picture story here really isn’t one in which Samsung beats Apple into submission.

So consider this: According to figures pulled together by Bespoke Investment Group and helpfully flagged by Tiernan Ray over at Barrons, Apple’s share price has risen 5,749 percent over the last decade. Meanwhile, Samsung’s stock has increased just 373 percent. It’s only since March of 2012 that Samsung shares have outperformed Apple’s; they’re up 22 percent, Apple’s are down 27 percent.

applesamsung_declineYes, Samsung plays in far, far more markets than Apple. And no, you can’t even buy Samsung shares in the United States (no American depositary receipt). So there are plenty of caveats here (Past performance does not guarantee future returns!). Still, it’s an interesting comparison given the rivarly between the two companies. As Bespoke notes, “Even with its recent pullback, Apple has crushed Samsung over the last ten years.”

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Apple Stock Has Outperformed Samsung For A Decade | AllThingsD


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